You are wrapped in my arms tight

The love that surrounds us is too bright too hide.

The colder it gets the warmer we become.

I can stay wrapped up in your love.


What Happends?

As I sit still writing this physically…

my mind is racing round in circles in my Minute Head.


The Energy that shined so Vibrant must now be Shed…

For with Time comes the Memories only for the Dead.

Like a Snake who’s scales become old Tattered and dusted, our soul’s areĀ  embedded with in us Naturally and Artificially.

We become so engulfed and persuaded into living and forget about the dying aspect part of it all.




Pulse rate is up up and away.

Each time you passed me today I would

imagine how sweet your lips would taste.

Now the time is happening right now as I blink..

The smoke fills the air but i can still breathe.

Inch by inch you pull me towards you…

Firm grip on my neck I cant deny you know what I want to do.


Double Sided

How can you claim to love me and when we part it is me that you do not see.

Through the Ring of Fire just to sink back again to the same old routine.

I am double crossed by Love and all the Beauty that lies in between.