If anyone is in a relationship it should be as easy as breathing.

In the mornings when you wake up and when you go to bed it should feel effortless.

It should be 50 50 always.

If the person you are dating or the person you like is not inviting you or out and spending time with you then he does not want to be with you.

Dont mistake lust for love and dont allow him or her to use and take up all your energy save it for someone who is willing to reciprocate the same thing you are.


Hold my hand steady and I’ll hold yours.

Not quiet sure where this is going but I’d love to feel more.

Spending time with you comes easy. Especially when It’s just us two.

The stars shine and twinkle brighter when I am near you.






Please understand that i know i have hurt you.

The lies and pain i have caused you i know there is no excuse.

But if youre gunna love me you need to love me pure and true.

I can only blame my self for so long for the pain ive put you through.

I dont want to hurt or hurt you by being with you.

We need to move forward and love eachother like new.