Looking at me

Stop looking at me with those eyes…

Because your feelings you try to hide.

I know I have hurt you in the past.

How much longer is this going to last.

Half past three

Who I was before has altered into who I am sapossed to be.

All the love and happiness you give…

for only you my heart will skip a beat….

Today tomorrow will have passed half past three.

The love i have for you….

Will always be so true…


It seems like Im the only one who doesn’t see the dynamic of us two.

I see us in a place of love and peace…a future thats bright with you.

While you feed me excuse after excuse as to why I can’t get some of your time.

I thought we had moved on from the past…

I thought we had left the past behind.

I feel sorry for being a fool to you…

I’m just stuck on you like glue.

I hate that the only time we share is me calling at night to sleep with you.

Day and Night

Twenty hours out of a day you take up space in my beautiful mind..

No matter what i do it is your love im thinking of day or night..

When the sun barely shines or even when the moon is not so bright…

Still It is your love..

your touch ..

Your sweet sweet kiss….

Im missing still… tonite..