Hold my hand steady and I’ll hold yours.

Not quiet sure where this is going but I’d love to feel more.

Spending time with you comes easy. Especially when It’s just us two.

The stars shine and twinkle brighter when I am near you.





Double Sided

How can you claim to love me and when we part it is me that you do not see.

Through the Ring of Fire just to sink back again to the same old routine.

I am double crossed by Love and all the Beauty that lies in between.

Never too cold 


Blurred by the fog and the darkness that calls.

Its you whom I can trust to catch me when I fall.

When my days are filled with chaos and the time still passing.

There once again you come running to get me without question.

I would normally say that Im sorry for being so inconsiderate and selfish.

But thank you for loving me Im still finding my role in this beautiful twisted lotus.. .