If anyone is in a relationship it should be as easy as breathing.

In the mornings when you wake up and when you go to bed it should feel effortless.

It should be 50 50 always.

If the person you are dating or the person you like is not inviting you or out and spending time with you then he does not want to be with you.

Dont mistake lust for love and dont allow him or her to use and take up all your energy save it for someone who is willing to reciprocate the same thing you are.

thinking out loud

So I dont know if thinking out loud is a good thing or a bad thing?? Any how just a quick question…maybe response or advice as to what you feel or how you perceive my thoughts. Is it wrong for me to want good for my ex?? I mean we were tangled in this crazy vortex of “LOVE” for about 8yrs. We just had a huge falling out and he would physically abuse me not to mention the mental turmoil. Loving some one more than your self had to be a bad situation. I had my share of badgering and name calling also. I could just never take my self to the limits or the extremes that he would never. So we split and for a while I was miserable like a floating feather lost. I just wanted that BODY there that support. I have forgiven him and am starting my journey alone now…its different but Im starting to realize and see all aspects of the ratio. I am a huge believer of good Juju and Karma.. I have an old Soul..