Summer Blues

Malibu’s waves looked so gorgeous driving up with my junior high friend during summers in Calihood from the Highway. Clear skies perfect blissful breeze. Becoming one with Mother Nature and really appreciating what it has to offer. The best feeling of just freedom & Peace, I am proud to be an American I’m grateful for our soldiers and wish them all well. Man do I miss those Summer Blues   

No time to feel sorry for yourself

Im just living my life daily. it just reminds you how precious time is when you start to really enjoy each moment. Actually living in the moment.Without the worries of anything at all in your mind or clouding your thought process. Then that’s when existing means something not just for you but for others too. Be unforgettable but wise and just that positive energy that some people need and don’t have. Well i’m done just wanted  to share on my daily Calihood…