Hold my hand steady and I’ll hold yours.

Not quiet sure where this is going but I’d love to feel more.

Spending time with you comes easy. Especially when It’s just us two.

The stars shine and twinkle brighter when I am near you.





Letting my fingers do the talking

So fineally starting to realize

what i wanna say is my not full potential but “potential” none the least. I can picture myself being a badass playing Johnny Depps partner. That seems like it would be loads of fun.

Kinda just flowing with the juices in my head is putting out there for me.

On a completely different note. I was totally looking thru a kalediscope today. And with thast being said I really need to google the lyrics of that song.

Haha for some strange odd reason that tune stayed stuck in my head. Lol as if i were Lucy or something. I love it when I am able to just ramble on and on and let my mind take me there and then read it later and then so be like what the heck just happened cause when yer typin its almost as if you dont have time to think about what youre going to write,,, super cool…


if every day i felt this way

You can’t describe that feeling off joy pure bliss 

Regardless of where you are at it’s a feeling not just a verb I wanna say. But complete and utterly wholesomeness from some sacred place you’ve only read about.  All of us humans have the power to listen from within than react. A majority of us dont know how to use the hidden knowledge. I just discovered it and its helping me play through my everyday situations i might have turned down or put in little effort.